Stretch Additive - 1199

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Stretch Additive - 1199

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1199 Stretch Additive can be easily mixed into Multipurpose, 700 Series, 900 Series or 1100 Series plastisols to produce increased elongation for Lycra, Spandex and other stretch fabric applications.

The recommended ratios are: By volume, 2 parts ink to 1 part additive. By weight, 3 parts ink to 1 part additive. For opaque inks, mixing by weight is highly recommended.

1199 is not a low bleed product. Testing should be done for dye migration or bleeding. Adding the additive to a low bleed ink does not guarantee bleed resistance.


This product has only been tested with International Coating’s inks. If this is used with another manufacture’s products, proper testing must be done to help insure the performance and durability of the mixed product. Always test ink and fabric before any production run.