Sentri Clear - 3816

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Sentri Clear - 3816

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3816 Sentri Clear™ works as a soft clear enhancer that can be mixed with finished colors or concentrates to acheive super-soft prints.

3816 Sentri Clear™ has excellent penetration into fabrics when printing with fine mesh counts.

3816 Sentri Clear™ can be used as an extender base, curable thinner, or as a top clear coat for reducing fibrillation.


3816 Sentri Clear™ will spot dry, with a very low after flash tack. Dwell time is dependent on the spot dryer used. In some cases, you may have to lower the heat of the spot cure unit because too much heat may actually make the ink tacky. When you spot dry, you are only partially fusing or gelling the surface of the ink. The ink should be just dry to the touch, with no lift off, but not totally fused. Totally fusing the underprint may cause inter-coat adhesion problems with the inks printed on top. Final fusing or curing should occur in the dryer


3816 Sentri Clear™ can be added to 700 Series, Multipurpose, 1100 Series, 7500 Series, 7500CC, 7600 Series and 900 Series inks for improved hand, cost and printability. Mix with opaque colors to reduce cost, opacity and increase color clarity. 3816 Sentri Clear™ is very clear and is recommended highly for extending any process color, especially the Pro-Brite™ Process Colors.

For a softer hand, add approximately 10% to 20%, by weight, of 3816 Sentri Clear™. More may be added, if necessary, without affecting the cure or fusing of the mixed ink. The more 3816 Sentri Clear™ that is added, the less opaque the mixed ink will be.

For white or light fabrics use as a base and add 5% to 25%, by weight, of a finished color or color concentrate to create a very soft feel similar to a water base print. Printing through fine mesh counts can improve the feel for a super soft effect.

3816 Sentri Clear™ is not a low bleed plastisol and is not recommended for use on poly/ cotton or 100% poly fabrics that may be prone to dye migration.

Adding any reducers or additives can lower the bleed resistance, opacity, or increase cure times of ink. STIR the ink prior to printing on press and after addition of reducers or additives.

Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.