Reflective Non-PVC - 1505

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Reflective Non-PVC - 1505

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AXEON™ Reflective 1505 is a retroreflective ink that contains light-reflecting microspheres. When a print is exposed to a focused beam of light, such as that from a flashlight or an automobile headlight, it reflects or returns light back to the light source.

Reflective 1505 can be used as a unique decorative tool to increase nighttime visibility of a printed design.

Designs made with Reflective 1505 may be applied to light or dark fabrics.


This product will spot dry, with a very low after flash tack. Dwell time is dependent on the spot dryer used. In some cases, you may have to lower the heat of the spot cure unit because too much heat may actually make the ink tacky. When you spot dry, you are only partially fusing or gelling the surface of the ink. The ink should be just dry to the touch, with no lift off, but not totally fused. Totally fusing the underprint may cause inter-coat adhesion problems with the inks printed on top. Final fusing or curing will occur in the dryer. Failure to fuse ink properly may cause cracking, poor adhesion and poor wash fastness.


Ink may be used straight out of the container.

  1. Stir or mix the Reflective 1505 before each use. The reflective microspheres used in the ink will settle in the container when ink is stored for any length of time.
  2. Reflective 1505 is not a low bleed product and is not recommended for use on bleeding fabrics.
  3. Wait 24 hours after printing and proper curing before washing finished product.

AXEON™ Reflective 1505 can be mixed with Coupler 100 for extra adhesion when printing on nylon or tightly woven polyester fabrics or for ultimate wash durability. Coupler 100 can be optained separately if needed and should be thoroughly hand stirred into the ink to the following proportions:

1 gram of Coupler 100 to 20 grams of ink (5% by weight)

Pot life of mixed ink is 8 to 12 hours. Do not mix more ink than is needed for a job. Do not under catalyze the ink. Over catalyzation will shorten pot life of ink.


For best results, product should not be modified with any viscosity reducers or thickeners. Viscosity of this product is already low and any modifications can result in poor reflective quality.

The retroreflective properties of Reflective 1505 can be diminished by using an improper screen mesh, under-curing, by adding other inks, pigments or additives to the ink.

For best long term wash durability of printed fabric, machine wash finished product inside out in cold water, delicate cycle. Do not use bleach. Do not iron on printed area of garment. Recommend line or hang dry. The reflective quality of the Reflective product should improve after the first washing.

Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.

This ink and those in the AXEON™ product line are not formulated with PVC resins or phthalate plasticizers, nor are they intentionally added.

Care should be taken to not cross-contaminate the AXEON™ products with PVC or phthalate containing products.

Do not use standard plastisol curable reducers with this or any of the AXEON™ products.