International Coatings manufactures a variety of urethanes including the following:

35L-89S W.B. Topcoat

A water base Polyurethane Lacquer which exhibits high gloss, excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion to a wide variety of materials, except for untreated polyolefins. 35L-89S W.B. Topcoat can be supplied as both a high gloss or matte finish clear and can be pigmented to achieve a wide variety of colors, both transparent and opaque. It is formulated to be applied by conventional air suppplied spray gun, the product can be modified for brush or roller applications. 35L-89S W.B. Topcoat will air dry or the drying can be accelerated with low heat. Too much heat can result in blistering of the film

Product Specifications:
% Solids - 28-30% 
Viscosity - 40-45 Sec./Zahn Cup #2 
pH - 8.5-9.5

One Part Water Base Urethane Coatings

Water base urethanes can be used for painting over urethane or polyvinyl parts. These urethane systems can be water clear or pigmented. They are available in a range of finishes, from high gloss to dull.

Two Part, Castable Polyurethane Elastomer

Two part polyurethanes can be mixed by hand, or for better results by a dispersing machine. When properly mixed, the two part polyurethane components will produce castable elastomers. These elastomers can be produced with a range of mechanical properties and with varying hardness - from 40 Shore A to 80 Shore D. Gel times can be set from two minutes on up.

Typical applications include:

  • Sporting Goods
  • End Caps for Liquid and Air Filters
  • Mold Making
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Caulking
  • Conveyor Lining

Flexible Polyurethane Foams

Flexible foams have limited resistance to applied load. The are open-celled, permeable to air, and reversibly deformable. They can be used in furniture, bedding, carpet underlay, packing, and more. The density of the foams vary depending on required physical properties.