Metallic Silver Non-PVC - 1896

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Metallic Silver Non-PVC - 1896

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AXEON Metallic Silver 1896 is used to produce a “chrome” metallic look when printed.

It is easy to use and prints just like a traditional plastisol metallic ink.

Designs made with Metallic Silver 1896 may be applied to light or dark fabrics.


This product will spot dry, with a very low after ash tack. Dwell time is dependent on the spot dryer used. In some cases, you may have to lower the heat of the spot cure unit because too much heat may actually make the ink tacky. When you spot dry, you are only partially fusing or gelling the surface of the ink. The ink should be just dry to the touch, with no lift o , but not totally fused. Totally fusing the underprint may cause inter-coat adhesion problems with the inks printed on top. Final fusing or curing will occur in the dryer. Failure to fuse ink properly may cause cracking, poor adhesion and poor wash fastness. 


Caution: Metallic Silver 1896 contains a high loading of uncoated metallic powders that will tarnish (turn gray) when exposed to any type of detergent or water that contains a bleaching or whitening agent. The abrasion resistance of these inks is low. There will be some rub-o of metallic particles even when the inks are properly cured/fused. It is extremely important to preprint and test printed fabrics for wash and wear durability before beginning production. 

Metallic Silver 1896 re ects infrared heat. A forced air dryer is highly recommended for proper curing/fusion of this product. Complete fusion of this product may be very di cult to achieve in an infrared dryer. 

For best durability of the metallic silver after it is applied, it is recommended that the garment be hand washed or machine washed (delicate cycle) inside out and line or air dried. Do not use bleach. Do not iron printed area. 

Note On Screen Mesh Selection

Recommend: 86 to 110 t/in or 34-43 t/cm mesh for T-Shirts
Recommend: 74 to 86 t/in or 30-34 t/cm mesh for sweatshirts 

Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run. 

This ink and those in the AXEON™ product line are not formulated with PVC resins or phthalate plasticizers, nor are they intentionally added. 

Care should be taken to not cross-contaminate the AXEON™ products with PVC or phthalate containing products. 

Do not use standard plastisol curable reducers with this or any of the AXEON™ products.