HDB Digital System™

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Image printed with HDB Digital System™ underbase on cotton using M&R Digital Squeegee DS-4000

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Hybrid direct-to-garment printers offer today’s garment decorator the ability to fulfill small to medium multi-color print jobs more economically. Hybrid printers combine an inkjet-type printer with a screen printed underbase, enabling clear and crisp images to be digitally printed onto garments. Hybrid printing typically prints up to four times faster than traditional DTG printing.

International Coatings' HDB Digital System™ is a complete screen print ink system designed to be used with direct-to-garment digital inks. It provides an underbase that allows digital garment ink to be printed faster, and with sharper resolution, better color and wash fastness. HDB is an easy-to-use 3-component / step system:

  1. HDB primer coat for either cotton or low bleed, followed by
  2. HDB Synthesis Receiver Base™ (part A and B), and
  3. HDB Optimum Clear™

Product Benefits

Dark and Light Garments: HDB Digital System™ was formulated to enable digital ink to be printed unto dark garments. It can also be used on light colored garments by simply leveling out the primer coat.

Cost Savings: Screen printing a white HDB underbase yields substantial savings. HDB typically costs a quarter of what digital white inks cost.

Variable Substrates: International Coatings, offer HDB Digital Systems™ for cotton and low-bleed fabrics. The HDB low-bleed system enables polyester, synthetic and performance fabrics to be digitally printed easily and cost-effectively.

Time Savings: Hybrid printing can be up to four times faster than traditional DTP printing. With the HDB Digital System™, digital ink is printed wet-on-wet on the HDB underbase, eliminating the need to flash.