Epoxy Systems

Epoxy Chemistry

Epoxy resins are thermoset polymeric materials that offer excellent adhesion to metal, aluminum and wood. Because of their structure and the method of cure, epoxies have unique properites - i.e., no volatile loss during curing, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, durability, and excellent adhesion. They also allow versatility in selecting curing agents and curing conditions.

Two Parts, Room Temperature Cure Epoxy

Liquid bisphenol A-based epoxy and amine hardeners are used in two parts epoxy resins. Cure conditions at room temperature are slower than at elevated temperatures, depending on application. The cured epoxy resin can produce a clear solid material. Hardness ranges from 40 to 95 (Shore D). Epoxies can be loaded with filler, pigments, and UV absorbents to enhance their physical properties.

Typical applications of International Coatings' epoxies include:

  • Encapsulation
  • Replica Food
  • Mold Making
  • Adhesives