Optilux® Reflective Transfer Adhesive - 950

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Optilux® Reflective Transfer Adhesive - 950

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Optilux® 950 Reflective Transfer Adhesive is a clear plastisol based transfer adhesive used to produce reflective heat seal transfers. The adhesive is formulated to be printed onto Optilux® 901 Reflective Transfer Film.


Optilux® 950 adhesive must be mixed thoroughly with Optilux® Coupler 200 before printing in order to obtain best wash and wear durability. Optilux® Coupler 200 is provided in 2 fluid oz. (60 ml) and 8 fluid oz. (250 ml) containers. Stir thoroughly into the Optilux® 950 Reflective Transfer Adhesive prior to use. The recommended proportions are:

By weight: 100 grams of ink to 1 gram of Optilux® Coupler 200.

Pot life of mixed ink is approximately 8 to 12 hours. Do not mix more ink than is needed for the job. Any mixed ink not used within 12 hours should not be used again.

Screen Optilux® 950 Reflective Transfer Adhesive, plastisol-based adhesive, onto the Optilux® 901 Reflective Transfer Film, mirror image, to create the desired image.

Printed Optilux® 901 reflective transfer films should be gelled (partially cured) at 260°F to 280°F (127°C to 138°C). Retention time in the dryer should be long enough for the transfer adhesive to completely reach the recommended gel temperatures. Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed/transferred product before and during a production run.


Allow 24 hours after printing and partially drying the reflective transfers before beginning the application process. Completed reflective transfers should be applied within 6 months of production for best results. 

Application Temperature: 325°F (163°C)
Application Time: 8 - 12 Seconds
Application Pressure: Medium (40 psi)



Reflective transfers made using Optilux® 950 can be used on cotton, cotton blends and synthetic fabrics such as polyester, and some nylon and nylon blends. It is highly recommended that the finished transfers be thoroughly tested to assure compliance to individual performance requirements

Properly applied Optilux® 901 reflective transfers maintain reflectivity for the normal life of the garment to which they are applied. Performance can vary depending upon how the product is stored, applied, exposure conditions, and laundering conditions

Always pre-test this product before using in production. Check for reflectivity, opacity, adhesion, wash durability and any other attributes that are required for your particular application.