Blue (GS) UltraMix® All-Pro™ Pantone® Color System - 9216

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Blue (GS) UltraMix® All-Pro™ Pantone® Color System - 9216

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UltraMix® Formulator

This product has been discontinued

All-Pro™ 9000

We’ve renamed our super popular 900 Nylon Series and UltraMix® 9000 Nylon Series (Pantone® Color System) to All-Pro™ 900 and UltraMix® All-Pro™ 9000 respectively. Although the 900 and 9000 Series were initially created for printing on tough nylon substrates, they can print on much more. They’re now the go-to ink for many ad specialty, sports, safety and transfer printers. All-Pro™ 900 and All-Pro™ 9000 can be used for non-woven polypropylene substrates such as those used for reusable shopping bags and drawstring backpacks; and for other synthetic substrates used for such items as safety vests and swim vests.


UltraMix® All-ProTM 9000 Series Pantone® Color System consists of 15 non-phthalate colors and a non-phthalate clear base. 9000 Series inks are a quick flashing, 2-part plastisol for printing onto normally hard to print nylon fabrics. These inks are well suited for fine detail and halftone printing using finer mesh screens.

Create special or standard colors by using International Coatings’ UltraMix®, Pantone® color matching software.

To achieve the best adhesion for most nylon fabrics and some polyester or cotton/ polyester blends, the addition of 900 Catalyst is needed.


In order to achieve the best color matching results using the UltraMix® All-ProTM 9000 Color System, the specified primary colors for the system must be used. Using other than the specified primaries will produce inaccurate matching results. All the 9000 Series primary colors may be printed as is, with 900 Catalyst, or inter-mixed as necessary.

For multicolor printing on nylon, especially shell nylon, it is important to pre-heat the nylon fabric in order to help control fabric shrinkage.

On most nylon fabrics, spot flashing between colors is critical. The 9000 Series inks will spot dry, with low after flash tack, in 3 to 8 seconds depending on the spot dryer used. Adjust unit accordingly to achieve best results. When spot drying, the ink should be just just dry to the touch (no ink lift off ), but not totally fused. Totally fusing the ink between colors may cause inter-coat adhesion problems. Final curing/fusing will occur in the dryer.

The 9000 Series inks are not low bleed inks. On some types of fabric, bleeding or dye migration may occur. Always test print the fabric before beginning production. Bleeding or dye migration may not occur right away.

When printing on non-automated equipment, adjust screen to maintain proper off- contact to achieve best print results. On automated equipment, adjust squeegee pressure, angle and off-contact to insure proper shear and lay down of the printed ink.

Adding too much reducer or additives to the 9000 Series inks may cause curing/fusing, adhesion or dye migration problems.